Wallander / The Village Idiot

Landscape, Lens, Memory, Portrait, Subject, Vision
About This Project

Göran, a harmless villager, walks into a bank with a Native American feather in his hair and an explosive charge on his body and demands a sum of money.

He gets his money, deposited into an account; yet he bursts into the air – but was it intentional, or was he tricked into it? The man, on whose account the money has been lost, claims that he does not know the fool; but soon he is found dead. Wallander has to dig into Göran’s and the city’s past to find something that resembles a motif, and the ending surprises everyone involved – both the good and the bad. The murderer is not just imbued with evil, in fact he would rather have avoided the murders that only became necessary because of someone else’s mistake.