Jorn graduated from both the Danish Film School and UCLA (University of Southern California) and various other schools in Los Angeles.

Jorn has directed award winning feature films, TV series, short films, commercials and music videos as well as participating in film festivals all over the world. He has won THE INTERNATIONAL EMMY AWARD twice, as well as various other film awards at home and abroad.

Jorn has taught acting for films both in Denmark, the USA and Canada and he founded Denmark’s first school; Acting for film.

Jorn has served in film juries in many parts of the world and has been a film consultant and mentor at the Danish Film Institute.

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From the mid-1970s to the early 1980s, Jorn Faurschou is often encountered in the more serious or experimental films of the period. He usually personifies various degrees of male sensitivity with his dark, soft eyes and rather bright, gentle voice.

He debuted in a minor role in the psychological crime film “The Apprentice of the Gangster” (1976), and the following year he starred in another film of the same era, Peter Ringgaard’s  “New Toy” (1977) – as an unsuited, young mechanic on the trail of a big, opaque financial conspiracy.

He was given a better role in the same Ringgaard’s attempt at a realistic portrayal of Danish truck drivers on the European highways, “Long-distance driver” (1981). Here, he is the youngest in the group of drivers, Brian, both a blistering and a vulnerable boy. 

Due to a lack of challenges and interesting roles, he decided in the late 80s to educate as a film director on, among other things. University of California Los Angeles (UCLA).

When he returned to Denmark in the early 90s, he directed, among other things. documentaries, educational films, music videos, commercials, short films, tv-series and feature films.

In 1995, Jorn Faurschou debuted as director with Denmark’s first sci-fi film, the “Bodil” and “Robert”-winning thriller “BodySwitch”, and has since directed Denmark’s first children’s action film, the successful and award-winning children’s film “Albert”.

In the late 90s, he was hired freelance on DR-Drama and directed several episodes of the tv-series “Taxi”. In 2001, Jorn Faurschou was a consultant and director on the tv-series “Unit One”, where one of his episodes won Danish Television Drama Department’s first “International Emmy Award” in New York. A few years later he again won an “International Emmy Award” for Denmark with the tv-series “The Eagle”.

That same year, he was headhunted by a Swedish production company to direct and conceptualize Scandinavia’s most expensive television series, a 12-episode film series about the Swedish crime officer “Wallander”.

In addition to directing films and television series, he has taught actors in film plays both in Denmark and abroad. He has written manuscripts, worked as a script doctor, directed theater, participated in film and cultural think tanks.

In 2005, Jorn Faurschou founded Denmark’s first professional school for film acting.