Body Switch / Youth sci-fi

Camera, Combination, Experimental, Innovation, Portrait, Subject, Vision
About This Project

“Body Switch” is a 1995 Danish science fiction film directed by Jorn Faurschou, who has also written screenplay with Thorstein Thomsen after the novel “The Boy Without Body”.

Dr. Wahlin is a scientist and elite sports doctor. He has just returned from the US to enjoy his otium in Denmark. To keep him going, he offers his expertise to the local sports club. The club accepts his offer with a kissing hand. One of the players that Dr. Wahlin selected for his project is the young Jonas. He is amitious, wants to be in the 1st team and also believes that through increased physical strength he can gain greater confidence and maybe even buy his dream girl Lina. But it turns out that Dr. Wahlin has a very special motive for offering his help to the club’s talents. He is dying, has only a short time left to live in and is now determined, using a method he has developed in the United States, to “swap” body with the healthiest of the club’s young athletes. He chooses Jonas. When Jonas later wakes up after “the first treatment”, he gets the shock of his life; when he looks in the mirror, it is not his own body he sees, but Dr. Wahlin’s!